The latest Sakura Miku is now available to pre-order!

Japanese prize figure manufacturer Taito have revealed 2021’s Sakura Miku design in finalised product images with a new design taking ideas from the best of previous releases as well as some welcome changes.

The now iconic sakura petal shaped base has been retained, but a more subtle pose and facial expression has been opted for in comparison to 2020’s release which featured both a dynamic pose and expression. A larger sakura flower is now held in Miku’s hand, adding the finishing touches to the sakura theme.

Changes have also been made to the hair styling – a more standard twintail now being opted for, with a sakura petal print throughout as well as translucent parts on the tips of Miku’s hair. A greater level of detail overall can be seen, from a more pleasing subtle pink colour, replacing last year’s white, on Miku’s top as well as more contrasting tones on her skirt, really helping to make this year’s Sakura Miku one of the best yet.

Whilst some older and more standard features remain, Taito have done well to provide enough changes for seasoned collectors to justify having both versions in their collection.

 You can add Sakura Miku to your collection when she releases in March 2021 for just £17.99 by pre-ordering her today at Dekai Anime!