Own your very own life-sized version of Tanjiro Kamado’s sword!

Tamashii Nations are set to release a replica of the “Nichirin Blade” used by Tanjiro Kamado in the supremely popular Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Available to pre-order now, the sword will be part of the PROPLICA line of prop replicas that already features popular items such as Sailor Moon’s Cutie Moon Rod.

Tanjiro’s sword has been recreated in fine detail, with a gleaming black finish on the blade and a matte metallic finish on the tsuba (sword guard), making this ideal for cosplay or as a collectors item.

In addition to this, the sword can also play the series theme, “Gurenge”, by LiSA, as well as over 50 different lines of dialogue from the series by Tanjiro’s voice actor, Natsuki Hanae. Two separate modes will be available to choose from – “Demon Slaying Mode” and “Fighting Tanjiro Kamado Mode”, each of which will feature different dialogue.

Nichirin Blade

The sword can be pre-ordered today (£77.99) at Dekai Anime, with the option to pay later upon the products release available. A 10% discount (£70.19) is also available for those who choose to pay in full to secure their pre-order today.