Medicos Entertainment and Good Smile Company have announced three brand new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Nendoroids. Fans of the series will be able to get their hands on Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli from Part 2: Battle Tendency and Jean Pierre Polnareff as he appeared in Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.

Protoype images of the Joseph Nendoroid have already been shared and show him with a variety of expressions and poses, as well as wearing Caesars’ headband!

Neither company has announced exactly what accessories each Nendoroid will come with, but they’re bound to include some cool Hamon and Stand effect pieces if previous releases are any indication.

All three are expected to be released towards the end of next year and are now available to pre-order from Dekai Anime for £58.99.

Re-releases have also been announced for Nendoroid Jotaro Kujo and Kakyoin Noriaki, which are also expected to be released next year.