Animate Café is to welcome back Attack on Titan, with an all new themed menu to celebrate the series finale!

Running from the 25th of November to the 14th of December and held at both the Ikebukuro 3 animate café in Tokyo and the animate café 2 in Nagoya, fans of the series in Japan will have to opportunity to sample food and drink based on Hajime Isayama’s now iconic series.

Entry to the café, as with all animate café events, will be allocated via a lottery system with attendees asked to request their preferred slot and date in advance and entrants notified of whether or not they were lucky enough to win a seat in advance of the café opening.

Main food dishes include the A: “…..It’s been 4 years since then…Super Large Hamburger Steak and Mother’s Handmade Stew”, B: “Wall Maria Curry”, C: “Breakfast of Team Levi” and D: “Command From The Captain Part 2: Curry Pasta”.

A range of desserts will also be available, with the A: “Armin’s Admiration: Flame, Ice and Sand” themed around Armin’s desire to see the ocean, B: “Historia’s Childhood Memories” and finally the C: “Eren vs Bertholt Crème Brulee” which sees the Colossal Titan peering over the dessert at Eren in his Titan form!

Drinks on offer range from the A: “Eren Close to Death Drink”, B: “Titan Crystal Soda Jelly” , C: “Connie’s Matcha Latte” and D: “Hange’s Experimental Serum Drink”.

A range of original illustrations have also been released, which will form the basis of the collaboration goods that will be offered during the event. No specific details regarding the types of goods on offer have been announced as yet, but previous events have seen limited edition acrylic stands, badges and coasters for sale to those who are lucky enough to attend the event.

Images (C) 2020, animate cafe Ltd.