Roll Ice Cream Factory has announced a new collab with Toilet-Bound Hanako with special editions of their rolled up ice cream treats available!

From November 4th at their Mizonokuchi Store in Kawasaki and November 5th at the new Roll Ice Cream Factory store in Kumamoto, they will offer Toilet-Bound Hanako themed ice cream tubs and bubble teas made using their signature rolls of ice cream!

In addition, the first 100 customers at the new Roll Ice Cream Factory store in Kumamoto in Kyushu, Japan will receive a jumbo-sized can mirror of the company mascot “Shiro-kun” when it opens on October 25th!

Roll IceCream Factory is a Japanese ice cream chain founded in 2017 and mostly known for the 7 hour long queues formed by customers waiting to be served at their first location in Tokyo’s Harajuku area.

Toilet roll might be the first type of roll you’d associate with Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, but these tubs have been packed full with rolled up strips of ice cream. The flavours have been specially selected and combined with some of the 40 possible toppings available at Roll Ice Cream Factory.

Images: Roll Ice Cream Factory