If you just can’t wait until international travel opens up again, then this new game seems like the perfect way to visit Tokyo from the comfort of your own home!

“World Detective Mystery, Episode: Tokyo – The ENIGMA and the Secret Treasure” is a new game from entertainment brand Haregake under their Tokyo Nazotoki Escape brand.

World Detective Mystery, Episode: Tokyo has been developed to allowing players to enjoy virtual sightseeing of the Japanese capital which isn’t really possible for most people at the moment due to travel restrictions.

Players will receive a letter from a girl called Erika after purchasing the game. They can then navigate Tokyo virtually using a website provided by the letter and investigate the mystery using the included notes!

The player will take on the role of a detective, searching Tokyo alongside Erika in order to decipher a code her father has left her and uncover a hidden treasure. Over the course of the story, the player will visit well-known tourist attractions in Tokyo and solve puzzles.

A trailer has been uploaded to YouTube showing some of the locations that will be visited as the story unfolds!

The developers expect that it will take someone who is unfamiliar with puzzle and mystery games around 2-3 hours to complete the game. Pre-orders are open from December 1st and the game will be shipped as of December 19th.

World Detective Mystery, Episode: Tokyo costs 1,650 yen and can be ordered on the official site here.

Images: World Detective Mystery