If you wanted to learn more about Hatsune Miku, then this new short course from Tokyo School of Music and Dance College (TSM) is going to be worth checking out!

TSM have teamed up with the Japan Net Creators Association (JNCA) and Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd. to offer a short course on the new “Hatsune Miku NT” package which will be delivered as an online workshop on December 5th.

“Hatsune Miku NT” is a new Hatsune Miku package due to be released on November 27th that combines specially customized singing voice expression technology as well as an updated voice library, software interface and voice editor as well as a newly developed voice effector.

The online worskshop will be lead by guest lecturer Seido Koizumi from Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd. With over ten years of experience working for Crypton on the domestic expansion of brands such as TOONTRACK, AUDIONAMIX, XFER RECORDS, BEST SERVICE, BIG FISH AUDIO, SPITFIRE AUDIO and providing direction for the SONICWIRE.COM site system, he’s going to be sharing his knowledge and experience with students!

The short course and workshop is focused on using “Hatsune Miku NT” to create “desktop music” (DTM). DTM is classed as music that is created using only a single computer and created without anyone actually playing or singing an instrument! The course and workshop should take about 1-2 hours for a student to complete and will cover areas such as software operation methods, musical arrangement and how to master software editing!

While this new short course is only available for 1 day, Tokyo School of Music and Dance College is a vocational school specialising in courses related to the music and entertainment industries and they also offer more comprehensive multi-year courses in Digital Entertainment Creation and Virtual Performance.

These courses have benefited from the support of JNCA which is an organization that supports Japanese online content creators and currently has about 1000 members, including Vocaloid-P, video creators, illustrators, light novel writers, and cartoonists. They provide support to creators such as support such as health insurance and assistance regarding rights management and development and creative support as well as advising educational partners like TSM about how to provide new educational experiences that meet the growing demand for careers in the digital entertainment and content creation industry.

Applications for the “Hatsune Miku NT” course are now open! Once you’ve applied, it will be delivered via YouTube which means students can take part via their smartphone if they want to. Sadly, the course is only planned to be delivered in Japanese but the growth in popularity of digital entertainment and the Vocaloid software will hopefully convince more educational institutions around the world to develop similar courses in the future.

Applications for the course can be made using the following link: https://www.tsm.ac.jp/opencampus/12705/

Images: Tokyo School of Music and Dance