From next month, wedding planning and services company PLACOLE will offer customers the chance to buy one of a series of wedding dresses inspired by the ladies of One Piece!

From January 4th, customers will be able to log on to PLACOLE’s website and choose a wedding dress inspired by Nami, Robin, Perona, Vivi or Shirahoshi! Each dress will cost ¥328,000 (plus tax). PLACOLE haven’t announced how many of each dress will be available, but they have confirmed it’s a limited amount and plan to use a lottery system to decide who gets to purchase a dress if sales exceed expectations.

Each dress has been designed to take into account the style, colours and personality of character it’s inspired by.

The Shirahoshi wedding dress features multiple layers of multi-colored pink, yellow, blue, and green tulle as well as a removable off-shoulder part made from transparent tulle. In keeping with Shirahoshi role as a princess, the veil is decorated with pearls in a regal style.

The Robin dress features lace covering the shoulders and arms and departs from the traditional white wedding dress look by using black and dark purple, colours more thematically in line with Robin.

Featuring black and bright pink/purple tulle layers on the skirt and a single strap over one shoulder, it’s clear to see which character the Perona dress is inspired by!

The Vivi inspired dress is much more traditional but still makes a massive statement with it’s bright blue colour and shoulderless design.

The Nami dress is somewhat similar but uses a bold yellow, making it look like a real statement dress for a spring or summer wedding and adding a floral designed border around the top of the dress.

Lucky customers will have their orders confirmed by February and be able to select from 1 of 8 different dress sizes with a customisable skirt length. PLACOLE are promising delivery within 4 months afterwards, meaning brides will be able to wear these stunning dresses to weddings starting from the middle of next year!

Images: PLACOLE x One Piece