Evangelion’s 25th Anniversary celebration continues with new “coffret collection” makeup goods from Bandai!

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Evangelion series, Bandai’s “Ichiban Kuji” range of prize products available in stores around Japan will feature a new collection of makeup goods! Featuring a range of Evangelion themed makeup pallettes, lip colours and more, we have the rundown of the prizes available!

A Prize: Asuka Langley Makeup Palette

The first prize available is a makeup palette featuring colours associated with Asuka and her Evangelion, Unit 02! Red and brown hues feature heavily as well as lighter cream tones and a strong gold highlighter making this palette ideal for bold and brash looks befitting of Asuka herself!

B Prize: Rei Makeup Palette

Second up is a makeup palette based on the pilot of Evangelion Unit 00, Rei Ayanami!  It’s no surprise to see that blue hues take centre stage here, with complimentary eye colours and highlighter to allow you to create looks inspired by Rei’s muted style!

C Prize: Mari Illustrious Makeup Palette

The third makeup palette in this prize series features colours inspired by the pilot of Evangelion Unit 08, Mari Makinami Illustrious! Red, brown and pink hues take centre stage for this palette, allowing for energetic looks that typify the personality of Mari!

D Prize: AT Field Loose Powder

With AT Field themed packaging, this loose powder is sure to set your makeup so not even an Angel will destroy it!

E Prize: Character Lip Colour

The fifth prize in the series is a set of 5 types of lip tint/colour, each based on a different Evangelion Unit and pilot! Whether you prefer the white of Rei and Unit 00, the light blue of Kaworu and Unit 06, the dark blue of Shinji and Unit 01, the pink of Unit 08 and Mari or the vibrant red of Asuka and Unit 02, there’s sure to be a colour to suit your look!

Last One Prize

As with all Ichiban Kuji, the “Last One” prize is given to the customer who purchases the last ticket for the lottery! With only one “Last One” prize per lottery, it’s not uncommon for fans to buy multiple tickets once a store is running low to ensure that they receive these hard to get hold of prizes!

For the Evangelion 25th Anniversary “coffret collection”, the “Last One” prize is an amazing beauty mirror that has the all new graphic featuring the 3 Eva girls, designed specifically for this collection, on the back!

The Evangelion 25th Anniversary “coffret collection” Ichiban Kuji launches in convenience stores and merchandise stores nationwide in Japan in March 2021.

All images © Kara/カラ