Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is one of the top theme parks in Japan and their new Super Nintendo World area is getting closer and closer to opening! Spring 2021 has been announced as when Nintendo fans can expect to make their first visits to the new attraction. Originally expected to open during Summer 2020, the opening was indefinitely postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In anticipation of the new addition, USJ will open a new Mario Cafe and Store on October 16th! The new store and cafe will fit into buildings in USJ’s Hollywood area and like many similar themed Japanese cafes, the Mario Cafe will offer customers a unique range of food and drinks inspired by the Mario games.

Mario and Luigi’s caps will be available in pancake form! Their “Strawberry Shortcake” (Mario) and “Grape Cheesecake” (Luigi) flavours will make sure you want to put these “caps” in your mouth and not on your head.

Nintendo fans will also be able to quench their thirsts with themed fruit cream sodas. The Mario version is strawberry flavoured, while Luigi is apple and Princess Peach is, unsurprisingly, peach flavoured! If you’re not interested in specific character themed drinks, (or maybe you prefer your boy Toad) then a Super Mushroom shaped drinks cup/bottle can be bought an filled with regular soft drinks.

The new Mario Store will offer unique merchandise only available at USJ. This will include cushions, purse and pouches, IC card/pass holder as well as Mario themed fruit cake!

While the latest announcement is light on what can be expected of the full Super Nintendo World area, USJ has confirmed that the planned attractions will include a thrilling realistic Mario Kart experience, a ride that allows you to ride Yoshi, as well as interactive challenges that use a “Power Up” bracelet!