A sequel to the hit anime movie, Sumikko Gurashi The Movie – The Pop-up Book and the Secret Child, has been announced. Fans can expect it to be released next year!

A surprise hit in Japanese cinemas, last year’s first Sumikko Gurashi movie took over 1.45 billion yen and won awards including Best Animation of the Year at the Japanese Movie Critics Awards.

One year after the release of the first movie, San-X have confirmed that a sequel has entered production! The new movie is expected to be released nationwide in Japan during the latter half of 2021 with further details including the movie title and plot to be announced beforehand.

The characters of Sumikko Gurashi have slightly negative personality traits in contrast with the usual “kawaii” mascot characters that populate Japanese culture. It hasn’t been announced if any further sequels will be produced but fans may not have to wait too long as many popular franchises such as Naruto and Pokémon have previously released movies on an annual schedule.