Yokohama is the home of the GUNDAM FACTORY and the 18m tall moving Gundam statue and Bandai will be opening a pop-up shop GUNDAM Cafe at JR Yokohama station tomorrow!

While there will be a new Gundam Cafe opening at GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA alongside the full-scale 18m tall moving Gundam statue, Bandai will be making access to Gundam Cafe’s mecha themed food a little easier when they open the GUNDAM Cafe POP-UP STORE YOKOHAMA for a limited time from December 21st to January 11th inside JR Yokohama Station.

The temporary cafe and store will be stocked with approximately 230 original goods exclusive to GUNDAM Cafe. These exclusives will include GUNDAM Cafe’s original food brand “JAPAN FOOD COLLECTION” which produces GUNDAM themed versions of local specialties from all over Japan.

Some of the exclusive GUNDAM Cafe food products include Gundam Fight Champion Curry based on the style of curry developed in Kanazawa and Zeon Raid Hataka-style Ramen.

Tinned tuna featuring the distinctive signel eye of Zeon’s Zaku mobile suits and Char Aznable themed shrimp flavoured rice crackers will also be available.

As well as food, other Gundam themed items will be available for sale including Gundam Wajima Urushi Chopsticks manufactured in Wajima, the production center of lacquer ware in Japan and various mamesara, traditional small plates used for serving side dishes.

To tie-in with the winter opening, a special snow globe will also be available! Based on the ending scene of “Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie”, when moved, glitter that imitates petals scatters, and you can reproduce the scene within the globe.

Bandai hopes that this pop-up shop will make access to GUNDAM Cafe goods more convenient for people who might be interested in them but can’t visit the GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA location.

Images © BANDAI SPIRITS Co. Ltd. Food Entertainment Development Department