A new BTS pop up store “BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL SHOWCASE IN TOKYO” will open tomorrow. Fans will need to hurry as it’s only open until February 2021!

The opening of this ‘Map Of The Soul’ showcase store comes shortly before the November 20th release of the new BTS new album, ‘BE’.

Entry is limited to fans who have pre-registered online via a lottery system. Successful fans will be given a time slot and have to arrive 15 minutes beforehand once the store opens on November 14th.

The safety of fans is important and the BTS pop up store will be implementing measures to ensure the experience meets with all local COVID-19 safety guidelines. These include the mandatroy use of masks, social distancing in the entry and cashier queues, and a limit on the number of guests in the store at one time.

“BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL SHOWCASE IN TOKYO” has been put together using the colour blue as the main conceptual theme as blue is the key colour of the “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” album.

Fans will be able to choose from over 300 types of products such as clothing, merchandise and household goods. If you aren’t lucky enough to attend the pop up store, the online official goods store “BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP” will also be selling some of the products!

A showcase area will also be set up recreating music video scenes and an area themed around the new “TinyTAN” BTS character “TinyTAN” will be also be set up.

BTS TinyTAN acrylic stands are available here at Dekai Anime.

“BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL SHOWCASE IN TOKYO” is also collaborating with French patisserie PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS and Spanish candy maker PAPABUBBLE and will offer a variety of sweet treats including macaroons, marshmallows, and candy featuring the BTS logo!