If winter is starting to get you down, some piping hot ramen is the perfect way to lift your spirit! Why not take it to the next-level by adding sake?

If that sounds like a great idea, then you’ll enjoy the latest offering from “Noodle Shop Muraji”, a female operated Ramen restaurant in Kyoto. Throughout winter they will be offering “Fried and Scented Sake Ramen”!

Well known for their signature “Lemon Ramen” and “Chicken White Ramen”, this latest creation has been developed under the supervision of “Sasaki Sake Brewery” which has been in business in Kyoto for over 120 years.

Lemon Ramen

The rich chicken broth that would normally be served with the noodles is turned into a warming soup using sake lees specially made by Sasaki Sake Brewery. Sake lees are the yeast and other elements leftover from sake fermentation. These leftovers retain the flavour of the sake and are used to imbue the ramen soup with a distinctive sake taste. This is intended to give the soup a soothing warmth that will make you forget the cold winter weather of Kyoto!

Chicken White Ramen

For the toppings, Muraji has used fried tofu from the famous Kyoto restaurant “Hirano Tofu”. This tofu is carefully made using a traditional method that makes use of the high-quality groundwater present in Kyoto and arranged in the shape of the Izutsu crest alongside vegetables such as Shogoin radish, carrots, Kujo onions. The tofu is also carefully roasted to increase the juiciness and the aroma!

Noodle Shop Muraji – Gion, Kyoto

If you can’t make it out to Kyoto to try this amazing sounding ramen, don’t feel too bad! It’s limited to 20 customers per day and only available until the end of January.

Images: Noodle Shop Muraji